Acushnet Farmers Market at Stone Bridge Farm

Stone Bridge Farm-Joanne and Scott Harding

We’re farmers. About twenty five years ago we (along with family and friends) built 5 acres of cranberry bogs. We’ve ridden the roller coaster of the cranberry market through the years and we like to say its been “one heck of a ride”, some years being much more profitable than others. The work remains the same though, frost nights, fertilizing, weed and pest control, and the best part-the harvest. A gathering of generations of family, friends old and newly made, here for the many hands that are needed to bring our crop in. An annual celebration with good food and drink, a time to be thankful for all we have.
Farming the land, from the many seedlings to the rows of vegetables, one day at a time, watering, weeding, and wondering what will prosper, what will fail. The initial idea of a farmers market, time again to harvest our bounty, gather with friends with similar passions, a sense to nurture, a crop, a trade, an art.
Our market focus is not only on quality but the balance of produce and product. An interesting mix for our customers, the variety that keeps them coming back each week. The anticipation of whats to come.

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