April 12 Establishing Two New Bee Hives

Last Saturday Scott and Josh picked up two new packages of bees. The packages consist of 3 pounds of bees and a new queen in a separate cell. We purchased them from our bee club, Bristol County Bee Keepers Association who brought them up from Atlanta, Georgia. This year they are Russian bees, last year Italians. All three of our hives from last year have so far wintered over and we’re pretty darn happy about that. We had the hive boxes ready and after we suited up the packages were opened. The can that you see in the video is filled with a sugar water solution to keep them fed along their journey here. The queen is in the separate cell, a small wood/screen box. She is in there with a few workers who basically feed her until she is ready to come out and take over as our “Queen Bee”. Now we wait for the cycle to begin-eggs laid, brood fed until they are ready to start their life, working the flowers, pollinating our plants. I’m wishing for healthy, strong queens and an abundance of fruit and flowers for us all.

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