Hello Winter

With the current temperature at 13 degrees and wind chill of negative 3 at the warmest part of the day, outdoor chores just got a bit more difficult. I really don’t know if I can have enough layers of clothes to keep me warm through this. I have discovered that using glove warmers, smart wool socks, hats, and on and on, help. But I don’t like it. Scott works outside a lot and even when he works inside he’s heating with wood. It’s a good thing he’s a tough guy. Our snow storm last week was really beautiful though. There is nothing like sitting by the fire watching the snow fall while we’re all cozy and warm. It gave me a good excuse to go through seed catalogs and place my orders. I can hardly wait to get planting! The snow did a good job helping to insulate the sides on the high tunnel and with the sun out later on it brought the temperature up to 40 degrees in there. I think work will begin in there next month. Until then, hoping for warmer days!


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