Market Policy

  1. Season    The outdoor season begins on the first Saturday in June through the last Saturday in September.  The hours will be 10 am to 2 pm each Saturday, rain or shine, unless the market manager indicates a cancellation due to severe weather.
  2. Fees    Fees will be $60.00 per month payable on the first Saturday of the month.  You may also choose to pay for the entire season upfront for $200.00  by April 1st.  Checks should be made payable to:  Acushnet Farmers Market.  You may also choose to pay weekly at $18.00 per week.
  3. Pricing    Pricing of goods sold at the market are solely the responsibility of the individual vendor.  Products should be clearly labeled.
  4. Application  Your application must be completed and submitted with your payment.  Food vendors please attach a copy of your liability insurance.  It is your responsibility to contact the Acushnet Board of Health for appropriate permitting.
  5. Stalls, Canopy    The size of the stalls is ample and will accommodate a 10×10 canopy.
  6. Set Up and Unloading    The market will be open and available to vendors up to one hour before market opening.  Selling at the market will begin promptly at 10 am.  Vendors must agree to stay fully set up for the entire market day through 2 pm.
  7. Vendor Display and Grievance Procedure    Table displays, temporary displays in front of stalls and signs must not block accessibility to adjoining stalls.  Display and selling techniques must not impair other vendor’s ability to sell.  If a vendor feels his/her sales ability is comprised by a neighboring vendor display or selling techniques, he/she may verbally complain to the market manager who will mediate a solution acceptable to both parties.  Vendors are encouraged to have a sign with their business name at their market site.
  8. A Massachusetts Farmers Market is a public market for the primary purpose of connecting and mutually benefiting MA farmers, communities, and shoppers while promoting and selling products grown and raised by participating farmers.
  9. All vendors are require to comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.  Food vendors are required to carry insurance to cover the extent of their operations and liabilities.
  10. Scales utilized at the market must be inspected and sealed annually by a Sealer of Weights and Measurements.
  11. As a courtesy it is asked that you call or email if you are not going to attend the market.  This is helpful in setting up the market, and a courtesy to the customers asking about you.
  12. There is no smoking allowed at any time at the market.
  13.  All poultry and meat products must be USDA approved and indicated on packaging.