Running Out of Patience

I should know by now, there isn’t any instant gratification in gardening. Patience for that seed to sprout, the plant to flower, the tiny vegetable to get just a little bit bigger. So we wait, and wait, one more day, maybe another. A watched garden, it seems, is like a watched pot waiting to boil.

We anxiously await our first squash, the first red tomato, “do you have any cucumbers yet”? Days to harvest are marked on the calendar and we joke, “you call that squash???”. The peppers, they are nearly ready, nearly ready, probably NEXT WEEK. We hope. Who knows?

Our kale and chard seem frozen in time. There’s waiting for rain, or sun. It’s been a cold spring. It’s just too darn hot. Are we constantly wishing for a different kind of weather? Ah, Mother Nature, I know you’re in charge.

The gratification will come. Don’t give up on us, that squash may just be ready next week!

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