String Beans and Pigs

20120719-221815.jpgSorry, the string beans really don’t have anything to do with the pig. It’s just a prop because the string beans alone weren’t making a memorable photo on their own. The pig is really cute, and functional-his sides are chalkboard and that comes in handy on market days. Good eye appeal.
The string beans, they’re the Blue Lake variety which gives a good yield and great taste. Good combination. I like to drop them into boiling water until just tender, drain them, toss with a bit of olive oil and sweetened dried cranberries. Delicious served warm, or cold. Great summer side dish that’s quick, tasty and colorful on your plate. Oh, and also good for you. Stop by on Saturday for a basket of them. I think you’ll enjoy them. (and you’ll also get to see the pig in action!)


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