The Work Done Behind the Scenes

Sometimes in life we’re lucky enough to have someone unexpectedly pop into our lives.  Last January I received an unexpected email from a marketing consultant with over 12 years of experience who was in the preliminary stages of starting her own marketing company, specifically focused on the food and beverage industry-including, but certainly not limited to, farms and farmers markets.

Meet my marketing consultant, Kitty Brosnan.  Kitty started Pontem-Farm to Table Marketing to work with farmers, brewers, vintners, fermenters, bakers, importers, and distributors (and more!) that bring quality products to our tables.  She has been working with me for these past few months in preparation for opening day and a successful season.

Weekly phone conversations led to a marketing plan, an internship program, vendor list, community connections, calendar of events, newsletters, marketing collateral and oh so much more.

Kitty has been invaluable and instrumental in developing our vision for Acushnet Farmers Market.  For that I will be forever grateful.



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